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  • HR Forum

    The first 2014 HR Forum will be held on the 11th of April. Attending the HR Forums is a great opportunity to share ideas, initiatives, and experiences and to network with other HR professionals. If you wish to attend a  future HR Forum please register your interest at

  • Payroll Giving Program

    The Payroll Giving Program provides Northern Territory Public Sector staff the opportunity to make one off or regular donations to a variety of charities through myHR. By donating to your preferred cause you will be assisting charities in continuing their vital work within the community.

    For more information on the Payroll Giving Program click here.

  • Senior Officer Pay Progression Review

    A review of the senior officer pay progression scheme was conducted by OCPE in early 2013. The findings indicate that overall the scheme is working well across the sector. The report also makes several key recommendations to improve some aspects of implementation. Click here to access the full report.

  • Future Leaders Program (FLP) and Executive Leadership Program (ELP) – Consolidation Session

    Future Leaders Program and Executive Leadership Program participantsOCPE recently celebrated the conclusion of the 2013  Future Leaders and Executive Leadership Program.
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  • Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) Values

    Values help us understand what it means to be a public servant today. They provide principles underpinning our work in delivering services to Territorians, promote collaboration and professionalism and guide us to achieve our best performance at work. (read more)

  • Chief Minister's Awards and Medals

  • Change Management

    To support agencies undergoing change as a result of the new administrative arrangements, OCPE has developed two guides for managers: a 'Better Practice Guide', and an 'Industrial Obligations and Considerations under NTPS Enterprise Agreements' guide. Click here for more information.


  • Innovation

    Innovation is essential in an ever changing environment that requires government to accomplish more with less, and develop new solutions to increasingly complex challenges...more

  • Knowledge Management in the NTPS

    Knowledge Management in the NTPS

    A vision for the Northern Territory Public Sector is for a capable and responsive workforce strengthened through learning, collaboration and innovation...more