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NT Statutory Public Holidays




New Year’s day
1 January or, if that day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday
Tue 1 Jan Wed 1 Jan Thu 1 Jan
Australia Day
26 January or, if that day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the following Monday
Mon 28 Jan Mon 27 Jan Mon 26 Jan
Good Friday
varies according to the lunar cycle
Fri 29 Mar Fri 18 Apr Fri 3 Apr
Easter Saturday
the Saturday following Good Friday
Sat 30 Mar Sat 19 Apr Sat 4 Apr
Easter Monday
the Monday following Good Friday
Mon 1 Apr Mon 21 Apr Mon 6 Apr
Anzac Day
25 April or, if that day falls Sunday, the following Monday
Thu 25 Apr Fri 25 Apr Sat 25 Apr
May Day
the first Monday in May
Mon 6 May Mon 5 May Mon 4 May
Queen’s Birthday
the second Monday in June
Mon 10 Jun Mon 9 Jun Mon 8 Jun
Picnic Day
the first Monday in August
Mon 5 Aug Mon 4 Aug Mon 3 Aug
Christmas Day
25 December or, if that day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday
Wed 25 Dec Thu 25 Dec Fri 25 Dec
Boxing Day
26 December or, if that day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday or, if 26 December falls on a Sunday or Monday, the following Tuesday.
Thu 26 Dec Fri 26 Dec Mon 28 Dec

^ Leap year

Regional Holidays

Show days* are non-statutory holidays and require approval and gazettal by the Minister. The show days for the years 2015 to 2017 were gazetted on 21 August 2013.





Alice Springs Show Day*

Fri 4 July Fri 3 July Fri 1 July Fri 7 July

Tennant Creek Show Day*

Fri 11 July Fri 10 July Fri 8 July Fri 14 July

Katherine Show Day*

Fri 18 July Fri 17 July Fri 15 July Fri 21 July

Darwin  Show Day*

Fri 25 July Fri 24 July Fri 22 July Fri 28 July

Borroloola Show Day*

Fri 27 June Fri 26 June Fri 24 June Fri 30 June

* Regional observance only
^ Leap Year

Regions and Schedules

For information on which region is affected by the schedules published in the government gazette, please refer to the map and schedules below:

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Appointment of additional public holidays

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Schedule 3

Schedule 4