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The Northern Territory Government advertises all permanent and temporary vacancies over 6 months online at

Some jobs are also advertised in vocation-specific journals and websites and in regional/ interstate media.
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Employment Programs

Indigenous-employment-3Some agencies offer other employment opportunities through:

Intakes for these programs are usually advertised in October each year and can be found on the internet Some employment programs are also advertised in the Saturday edition of the Northern Territory News. 

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To be eligible for appointment as a permanent employee a person must be either an Australian citizen or have permanent resident status.

A person who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident may only be employed temporarily, subject to the requirements of the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Closing date

Applications close on the date given in the advertisement, which is usually two weeks after advertising.

Getting information

It is important to obtain information about job vacancies that may be of interest.

Job Descriptions are downloadable from the page relating to a vacancy. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Department of Business and Employment on 1300 659 247 to have the Job Description emailed or sent to you.

Job Descriptions set out the requirements for the job and selection criteria. Before applying for a job, you should assess whether you meet these criteria. To be considered, applicants must meet all essential selection criteria.

In order that you can better highlight relevant aspects of your knowledge, skill, experience and qualifications, it is worthwhile to find out as much as you can about the job you are applying for and the work of the respective agency. Further information may be obtained by visiting the agency's website, telephoning the contact person listed on the Job Description or organising a visit to the agency and having a face to face discussion.

Getting more information and asking questions about the nature of the vacancy may help you decide whether to apply for the job and which of your skills and experience to emphasize in your application.


Employment Opportunities Hotline: 1300 659 247
Job vacancy page:

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